Enjoy the attractions of Rewal without leaving home

In our last post we talked about the charms and rich history of Rewal. Now we would like to invite you for a virtual tour of the most interesting attractions of this seaside resort. Yes, it’s possible thanks to our camera! Rewal is a place that abounds in many fascinating attractions. Starting with the Lighthouse Miniature Park, where you can see miniature replicas of lighthouses from all over the coast. Or maybe some of you are a fan of dinosaurs? Then Dino Park is a place worth visiting. Both of these places are great attractions for families with children. And for nature lovers, how about a boat trip along the coast or a trip to the Wolin Peninsula? It is an unforgettable experience that allows you to enjoy the pristine beauty of our coast. However, what distinguishes Rewal the most is the beautiful sandy beach. Our cameras provide you with a view of these picturesque landscapes, so you can feel the atmosphere of rest by the sea without leaving your home. Each of these attractions is unique and makes Rewal such a unique place. And we are proud that we can show you at least a bit of this charm. We invite you to visit our website and enjoy the beauty of Rewal with us. See you in the next post! Live, #Relax, #EnjoyThe Moment

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